Monitoring Docsis CMTS

This is the link to go straight to download if you don't like reading stuff :)
Not sure if you agree, but monitoring a Docsis CMTS is a boring task. Often it involves checking dozens os different graphs in order to check for the operational parameters. As the density of the CMTS increases, more ports to check. I decided to attempt to simplify it by putting all together in a single application. Check it below. Other screen shots here

Usually, when someone asks if everything is ok with a particular CMTS, you check the basics: My guess is that 90% of the problems will fall into one of those 3 categories. The application will show it on the main tab with a color scheme to indicate possible issues.
I know that often checking these are not enough, so I added some extra features described below.

The other application tabs are the following:
  • Spectrum
  • This is not a real Spectrum Analyzer, but a feature on the CMTS provided by the upstream receiver chipset. Handy if you are away of the headend, or if you don't have a spectrum analyzer.
  • Modems
  • List all modems and some of the operational parameters (tx, rx, rx snr). If you have a high-density CMTS, it will take a while to collect all the data, tipically 1K modems/minute in a good IP connection.
  • Modem Stats
  • Displays the values collected from the modems in a graphical/statistical way, per interface.
  • Pre-eq data
  • Collects the Docsis pre-equalization data from the modems and shows the operational parameters. I can say this is a simplified version of Cablelabs PNM.
  • Docsis FCB
  • List the modems with the Docsis Full Band Capture feature available. Right now it just captures the spectrum data using the default configuration parameters of the modem. You will need to provide a RW Community in order to collect the FCB data from the modems.

    What you need

    Of course, you need a Docsis CMTS to monitor. And you will need a SNMP Community (V3 is not supported) to access the CMTS.
    If you want to collect data from the modems, you will need a public SNMP community to read the modems (remember: you need connectivity to modem IP address, as well authorization on modem SNMP table).

    What it does .. and doesn't

    Compatibility Matrix

    This is the actual "Compatibility Matrix", collected from feedbacks I received so far:
    If you tested it sucessfully with a configuration that is not on the list, please let me know!
    Vendors: if you want to see your CMTS on the list, please contact me.

    VendorModel SW Version
    CiscoUBR 7246VXR with MC88122-33.SCF4
    CiscoUBR 7246VXR with MC28U12.3(9a)BC7
    CiscoUBR 10K with MC20x20V12.2(33)SCF2
    CiscoUBR 10K with MC20x20V12.2(33)CX
    MotorolaBSR64k with 2x8, TX326.4.2.3
    MotorolaBSR64k with 2x8, TX325.3.1P32.H44.KRBU
    Casa systemsC32006.1.4
    Casa systemsC100G6.5.2
    ArrisC4 (**)V08.02.05.74
    ** Spectrum has partial support. Levels are not 100% accurate. Need to review the math.

    Using the Application

    1. Input the CMTS IP and Community
    2. Click "Get Info"
    3. If you have the proper SNMP access, the Interfaces list will be filled and periodically updated
    4. Double click on an upstream interface to see the Spectrum and Waterfall
    5. Play with the configuration and options. No rocket science here
    6. Clink on Colunm headers to sort the list


    I will update the FAQ as soon as I receive questions. For now, here are some possible questions.